April 05, 2018

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Graniteware was produced throughout the Midwestern and Eastern United States from 1870 until the end of WWII.  Patented in 1848 by New York inventor Charles Stumer, graniteware was also known as agateware, enameled ware and speckleware.

Close cousins of graniteware are those pieces whose grays and other colors were mottled or marbled.  Colors appeared to blend into each other or swirl separately to create random, eye-catching patterns.  

Chrysolite Swirl, a deep green and white swirled pattern and Cobalt Blue Swirl are hard-to-find examples of mottled enamelware.  Vintage Gal Antiques has a nice selection of kitchenware in these two unusual colors. 

Also popular are porcelain enameled bread and flour boxes.  Many reproductions are currently being produced, but the examples shown here are original pieces from the 1930's.  Perfect for your farmhouse style kitchen!