March 15, 2016

Country Store Classics

I love old advertising!  Country store tins, signs, boxes-the graphics are wonderful reminders of an earlier time.  Picture the general store with old store bins full of supplies and an old wood burning stove in the corner with chairs surrounding it, so the old timers can sit and talk about what's happening in their little town. Kind of like the current days in Downieville with the early morning "coffee group". Vintage Gal Antiques has a great selection of 1880-1920 tins and collectibles. These items from early years are getting really hard to find. Check out the assortment at Vintage Gal Antiques!

March 04, 2016

Western Bonanza!

Go West, Young Woman!  Over the last several months, I have accumulated a wonderful selection of vintage western boots and hand tooled embossed leather handbags! I love the beautiful leather designs on the handbags. These are all in excellent vintage condition.  The boots are all leather and made in the USA in a variety of sizes. Each pair is unique in design. I think I can say this is probably the largest collection of vintage western boots and handbags in the area! 

Also available for sale are several western shirts and a red wool 1940's Mexican souvenir jacket.  Made by La Muchacha, this hard-to-find jacket has a chenille sombrero design on the back. This is a really cool jacket!  
Several other western pieces of memorabilia are available.
Weather permitting, Vintage Gal Antiques will be opening on weekends in April.  It's best to call ahead this time of year.