June 04, 2011

~Western Bonanza!~

Soft, time-worn embossed leather with a beautiful patina! That’s what you’ll find in a great selection of vintage tooled leather handbags at Vintage Gal Antiques. These are some of my favorites, so I’m always on the lookout for more of these fabulous bags to pass on to you! The embossing is so well done; roses, autumn leaves and scrolly designs. There is even a very nice briefcase with beautifully tooled designs. This one would make a great fashion statement in the business world. It’s not your cookie cutter briefcase~you could stand out among the other executives!

There are several vintage “rockabilly” clothing items also available. The pictured shirt is an early Scully western cut embroidered shirt with pearlized buttons. Pretty cool!  Looove the Mexican Souvenier Jacket!  1940's red wool with chenille sombrero and cactus designs on the back~so funky and retro!

Vintage Gal Antiques is now open Thurs-Sunday and some Mondays. Summer is getting a very late start here in Downieville, but we’re keeping our summer schedule regardless of the weather! Hope you’ll make the trip and enjoy Vintage Gal Antiques and the rest of Downieville!