March 01, 2010

Unusual Beauty Aids from the Past

Hair receivers were a common item found on Victorian ladies dressing tables. The purpose was to save hair from hairbrushes and combs and then use the hair for various things. It could be used for pillow stuffing or pincushions. Hair jewelry was also very popular. Lockets, watch chains, mourning brooches and bracelets were created from hair.  Kind of creepy, but very fashionable!  In the late 1800's and into the early 1900's, postcards and valentines were often sent with hair attached. It was considered a sentimental token of affection. Most hair receivers were made with a hole in the lid to poke the hair into it for storage. Hair receivers were usually made from porcelain, silver, celluloid or crystal. Hand painted porcelain receivers are extremely beautiful to collect. There are several hair receivers available for sale at Vintage Gal. Once you begin to notice hair receivers in different shops, you will see there were many designs!  Prices are still fairly reasonable for this interesting collectible.
A collection of beautiful hair receivers. (Click on photos to enlarge)