March 20, 2010

Not Just For the Ladies….

I guess by now you can see that I carry a lot of “girly” things! ~ Jewelry, vintage hats and accessories, dainty flowery china, etc. ~ But! I do have guy stuff for sale, too! There are several vintage Harley Davidson items, including a great motorcycle cap that Marlon Brando would’ve been proud to wear! With it’s “Stove Pipe Wells” (a spot in Southern California) charm bracelet across the front of it, I’ll bet it has some great old riding stories to tell. Motorcycle run pins are usually only available if you’re a participant in a motorcycle event, so they are very collectible. I have some from the “50s and some more recent so there are lots to choose from here.   By the way, the photo of the G.I. on the motorcycle is my dad!

Another favorite of the guys (and gals) are antique bottles. You want bottles? I’ve got bottles!! My husband Rick is the “bottle guy” in our family; a collector, author and digger of beautiful old glass. He helped me with my inventory of some really great old bottles. Whiskies, medicines, sodas and bitters bottles ~ what beautiful colors!

So, gentlemen-please don’t hesitate to walk through the front door! Vintage Gal Antiques has something for you, too! And, if you’re looking for a gift for a gal, I’m sure you’ll find something special here!