March 26, 2010

~Beautiful Heirloom Jewels~

These Victorian pieces are among several heirloom pieces of jewelry for sale at Vintage Gal Antiques. The antique Bohemian Garnet brooch is simply beautiful! Garnet jewelry was extremely popular during the 19th century. During the Victorian era, it was believed that garnets would enrich the blood and provide the wearer with a long, healthy life. Victorians believed it empowered them with truth, constancy and faith. The garnets on this brooch are deep, rich claret colored stones that were mined in the Bohemian region of Eastern Europe and probably dates from 1870-1890. It is priced at $125.00.

The two rings featured are made of rose gold, very popular during the Victorian era. Gemstones were often used in Victorian jewelry and helped keep jewelry affordable for the mass market. Garnets, amethysts, corals, turquoise and seed pearls were in style. These rings are adorned with Persian turquoise and small seed pearls. The center stone in the ring on the right is a beautiful blue sapphire. They are both exquisite examples of Victorian jewelry. The ring on the left is priced at $175.00 and the ring on the right is $225.00.