November 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas Is Coming!

This year has just flown by and soon it will be Christmas!  I just acquired a wonderful collection of antique toys and games~just in time for a special gift for the serious toy collector.  Mechanical banks, clucking tin chickens, wooden alphabet blocks and some beautifully lithographed board games.  Also, several very old toy drums.  There are some really unique pieces in this collection~check it out!  Vintage Gal Antiques is open most Saturdays until Christmas and then closed until Springtime.  Thank you all for a wonderful season~I really appreciate your support!  Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!


September 17, 2010

Autumn Already!

I love the rich Autumn colors of these pieces

Fall is in the air and the tourist season is winding down in our little Gold Rush town of Downieville, CA. I enjoyed meeting so many wonderful visitors that visited my shop. It's always interesting to learn what other people collect! During September and October Vintage Gal Antiques is open Friday-Sunday 10am-4pm. We’ll be selling at several shows during October-December so look for us at Antique Bottles & Collectibles Shows in Santa Rosa, CA, Canyonville, Oregon and Auburn, CA. I’ll be doing some buying trips, too, so next year I’ll have some more treasures for sale! Keep checking back here for pictures and posts!

August 05, 2010

Hey Girlfriends! It's Our Day!!

National Girlfriend's Day is August 1st, but the official date for “Women’s Friendship Day” is the third Sunday in August. I’m a couple days late for the first, but couldn’t let the second of these special days go by without acknowledging my wonderful and quirky “gal pals”!! We have fun getting together, sipping wine and enjoying the similarities and differences of each of our personalities. We’ve supported each other through many happy/sad events,  family and career situations and even raging hormones, but our friendships continue to survive! Soooo…thanks, girls, for being there…you know who you are!! Cheers!!

July 10, 2010

Powder, Paint & Perfume

At the turn of the century, women wore little make-up in public, especially during the daytime. Pinching cheeks and biting lips was almost the only available option for a woman to add color to her face. During the “teens”, powder was the cosmetic of choice, and was fluffed all over the face with huge powder puffs.

The fashion trends of “moving picture” stars persuaded women to tint cheeks and lips. Daring women began spreading petroleum jelly on their eyelids and wore cake mascara and rouge. Although eyeshadow was seldom used, lipstick was boldly worn by many.

At first, metal compacts were ridiculed and nicknamed “trunks” because they were so large and cumbersome. The term “compact” was later introduced and started gaining interest during the late 1920’s. By the 1930’s the compacts was a very popular item. Most were inexpensive and could be purchased at the “five and dime” stores.

The art of perfume began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and as the art of perfumery progressed through the centuries, so did the art of the perfume bottle. Many times, perfume bottles were as elaborate and exotic as the fragrances they contained. The earliest bottles date back to about 1000 B.C. In ancient Egypt, newly invented glass bottles were made largely to hold perfumes. The crafting of perfume bottles spread into Europe and reached its peak in Venice in the 18th century, when glass containers assumed the shape of small animals or had pastoral scenes painted on them. Today perfume bottles are designed by the manufacturer to reflect the character of the fragrance inside, whether light and flowery or dark and musky.

The reason I briefly mentioned this history is because I recently acquired a nice collection of compacts and perfume bottles which are available for sale at Vintage Gal Antiques! There are several compacts from the art deco period, as well as some great rhinestone-clad examples. Most of the perfumes are cut glass with ornate glass stoppers. Soooo pretty!! Please stop by and check out the selection!

June 06, 2010

June is For Weddings

No one knows exactly when or who began the custom of placing bridal figures on top of a wedding cake. Most likely it occurred in Europe during the late 19th century. Wedding cake toppers are as difficult to categorize as they are to find. Neither folk art nor fine art and not really considered “dolls” by doll collectors, they have been mostly overlooked by the public and other collectors.

I have been collecting wedding cake toppers for over 10 years and now have over 400 toppers in my collection! I’m not sure what possessed me to collect them, but I love the fashions, especially the 1890’s -1940’s styles. And I guess just knowing that they represent a romantic and special event in someone’s life-a happy time for a starry-eyed bride.

In my never-ending (and so far-unsuccessful!) effort to downsize my life, I am selling some of my collection of wedding cake toppers at Vintage Gal Antiques. I also have other wedding items~a beautiful veil with wax flowers from the 1940’s and several bridal photographs from the 1920’s. If you’re a collector of wedding memorabilia, you might find a special addition to your collection here!

May 28, 2010

A Touch of Whimsy

This colorful collection of folk art figurines will bring a smile to your face! Although not vintage, they are definitely collectible, mostly due to their charming designs. There are several pieces at Vintage Gal Antiques by Peggy Fairfax Herrick, a once-local gal. Peggy has always been a creative and artistic woman and it’s wonderful to see that she is now a well-known artist! She has sold dishware and other items through House of Hatten, Fitz and Floyd, Midwest of Cannon Falls, and the Museum of American Folk Art. These items are unavailable now except from collectors, so when I come across her pieces, I’m thrilled to be able to pass them on to my customers. Her wonderful sense of whimsy will delight you. Check out the selection of folk art collectibles here at Vintage Gal Antiques!
Candlestick Holder by Peggy Fairfax Herrick

May 27, 2010

Make Mine Country

Since moving to my new location, there’s lots more room to display and sell larger items. Vintage Gal Antiques now has
some great primitive antiques and more country store
collectibles. Featured here are some of the country style
antiques and furniture.


May 22, 2010


In addition to my new location, I’ve acquired some great new neighbors-Will & Jeanne Clark. Will is the proprietor of 49 Wines/Wine Bar which is right next door. Another great reason to visit Vintage Gal Antiques~ shopping and wine~a perfect combination! Will is a fun-loving host and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for wine with everyone that enters his establishment. There is a fabulous selection of wines from wineries up and down Highway 49 as well as some great micro beers. I’m happy to be part of this neighborhood!

New Location for Vintage Gal Antiques!

My dream has come true! I’ve moved my shop into a huge space! Six rooms-to be exact! And the best part is that it’s just around the corner from my old digs! I absolutely LOVE it! More room for more stuff, and it didn’t take long to fill it all up! In addition to all the “smalls”, I now have furniture and a room for “Cheap Thrills”, a boutique for recycled fashion, vintage and modern. The new address is 200C Main Street. I’m next door to 49 Wines/Wine Bar. There’s a great little porch with tables and chairs in front of my shop to sip a glass of wine from the wine bar. When you come to Downieville, please stop by and check out my new shop! It’s going to be a great summer!

April 10, 2010

In the Words of the Lone Ranger….Hi-yo Silver!

If you love silver jewelry, I hope you’ll stop by and check out the selection at Vintage Gal Antiques. There is quite a variety; from vintage Taxco sterling with its beautiful aged patina, to more modern silver and gemstone pendants. And who’s to say how many bracelets are “too many”!? Lots to choose from here!

You’ll also find a great selection of marcasite jewery. Marcasite has an interesting history. It is the white form of iron pyrite. Iron pyrite is better known as “fools gold”. Marcasite was first known to be used by the Incas. Later, Native Americans believed they could look into the very soul when peering into a polished piece of pyrite. Their shamans used it as a “stone of power” and their medicine men used it in healing rituals, earning it the name of the “healer’s stone”.

Marcasite was extremely popular in the eighteenth century. By the time Queen Victoria took the throne, brooches, particularly mourning brooches, earrings, necklaces and rings made from marcasite were worn by everyone. This is when marcasite jewelry was at its height of popularity, because when crafted properly, it was as beautiful as diamonds. In fact, marcasite has often been used as a substitute for diamonds, because of cost and availability and has been called the “poor man’s diamonds”. There are many beautiful marcasite rings, brooches and bracelets available at Vintage Gal Antiques.

April 03, 2010

More BLiNg!!

I just can’t seem to help myself when it comes to rhinestones and glitter! In addition to some wonderful sparkley jewelry, Vintage Gal Antiques has some really cool 1950’s style jeweled boxes, cigarette lighters and pill boxes. Wouldn’t be fun to carry your Tylenol in one of these glamourous pill boxes!  Much more interesting and easier to open than those child proof plastic bottles!

Or how about some beautiful hatpins from the Victorian era?  The ladies of those days didn't need to carry pepper spray~their hatpins were deadly weapons if needed!

March 26, 2010

~Beautiful Heirloom Jewels~

These Victorian pieces are among several heirloom pieces of jewelry for sale at Vintage Gal Antiques. The antique Bohemian Garnet brooch is simply beautiful! Garnet jewelry was extremely popular during the 19th century. During the Victorian era, it was believed that garnets would enrich the blood and provide the wearer with a long, healthy life. Victorians believed it empowered them with truth, constancy and faith. The garnets on this brooch are deep, rich claret colored stones that were mined in the Bohemian region of Eastern Europe and probably dates from 1870-1890. It is priced at $125.00.

The two rings featured are made of rose gold, very popular during the Victorian era. Gemstones were often used in Victorian jewelry and helped keep jewelry affordable for the mass market. Garnets, amethysts, corals, turquoise and seed pearls were in style. These rings are adorned with Persian turquoise and small seed pearls. The center stone in the ring on the right is a beautiful blue sapphire. They are both exquisite examples of Victorian jewelry. The ring on the left is priced at $175.00 and the ring on the right is $225.00.

March 20, 2010

Not Just For the Ladies….

I guess by now you can see that I carry a lot of “girly” things! ~ Jewelry, vintage hats and accessories, dainty flowery china, etc. ~ But! I do have guy stuff for sale, too! There are several vintage Harley Davidson items, including a great motorcycle cap that Marlon Brando would’ve been proud to wear! With it’s “Stove Pipe Wells” (a spot in Southern California) charm bracelet across the front of it, I’ll bet it has some great old riding stories to tell. Motorcycle run pins are usually only available if you’re a participant in a motorcycle event, so they are very collectible. I have some from the “50s and some more recent so there are lots to choose from here.   By the way, the photo of the G.I. on the motorcycle is my dad!

Another favorite of the guys (and gals) are antique bottles. You want bottles? I’ve got bottles!! My husband Rick is the “bottle guy” in our family; a collector, author and digger of beautiful old glass. He helped me with my inventory of some really great old bottles. Whiskies, medicines, sodas and bitters bottles ~ what beautiful colors!

So, gentlemen-please don’t hesitate to walk through the front door! Vintage Gal Antiques has something for you, too! And, if you’re looking for a gift for a gal, I’m sure you’ll find something special here!

March 19, 2010

Glamourous Times!

There is something mysterious and glamourous about the "flapper" era.  I've always loved the fashions and furs worn during those days.  At Vintage Gal Antiques, there is a great selection of photos, jewelry and accessories reminiscent of this period.  Stop by and check it out!

Love these old photos!!

March 07, 2010

Country Collectibles Add Vintage Charm

I love country style antiques! Vintage Gal Antiques has a large selection of old store tins and signs with great colorful graphics, pottery jugs, kitchen collectibles, and newer items of folk art design. Kitchen gadgets, accessories, and utensils are also available, as well as a nice selection of graniteware and enamelware items.  Make it country cozy!