July 02, 2018

More Than Vintage...

Vintage Gal Antiques is more than just another stuffy antique store!  You will find an eclectic blend of old and new items.  Whether it be primitive, country or blingy, when I'm out and about, shopping for resale, I try to find items that are a little quirky or unusual.   

Some popular new items are my "sweet and sassy" gift tags and note cards which are all my own original designs. Each gift tag or card is protected in a clear sleeve and priced from $1.50 to $3.50 each. 

The gift tags are a fun way to add sass to a gift or tie to a bottle of wine to make it special!  Vintage and retro photos with cute sayings, like:  "All You Need is Love...and a Tiara, And Maybe A Cookie".  Or maybe "Whoever Said Less is More, Obviously Wasn't a Wine DrinkerWitty sayings for many different occasions!  

The note cards available are generally local scenes and historic photos related to Gold Rush days.  One of my favorites is a family photo of Rick's grandfather. I believe it was taken at an early Pan Pacific California Expo in San Francisco.  It's just a great old photo!  
(upper left card in photo below)

So if you need a last minute card or gift tag, come and check out the great selection.  And browse the rest of the store...you never know what you might find!

June 30, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful July 4th!  Vintage Gal Antiques will be open everyday at 10:00 am, July 1 through July 8, during the holiday.

Downieville's parade is ALWAYS on July 4th, no matter what day of the week it is.  The holiday festivities, including the bbq and street dance will be Saturday, July 7.  Enjoy!


June 21, 2018

Excuse Me, Do You Have a Match?

Several years ago, I purchased a large collection of antique advertising.  I was excited; this collection was owned by a long time savvy antique collector, who had collected for many years and who had a good eye for what would become valuable in the years to come.  We shared the love for similar antiques.  I absolutely love anything and everything “country store”, and this collection included many store tin containers, porcelain and tin advertising signs, advertising calendars and other “go-withs”.

There were several advertising match holders in the purchase, as well.  I have always wanted some of these, but they are usually out of my price range.  So now here I am with an
instant collection!  Probably the most unusual one is the cardboard paper match holder with the monkeys advertising silk stocking brand products.  
I’ve never run across another one like this. 

Match safes were popular from 1870 until the 1930’s when matchbooks and cigarette lighters replaced the need for most match holders.  At home, match holders were used mainly for lighting a stove.  Stove manufacturers often advertised their products on cast iron match holders which could be mounted to the kitchen wall to keep matches handy.  Other wall mounted match holders were made of tin and featured lithographed advertising for various products.

So now I have this great collection and it was a challenge to decide how to display it!  I didn’t want a lot of nail holes in the wall, so I purchased pallet looking hanging boards at Ben Franklin (or Michaels Craft store) and grouped the match holders on the pallet, which I hung on the wall.  As I accumulate more match holders, I can hang more pallets.  I’m still on the look out to add to my collection.  After all, it’s the thrill of the hunt! 

June 17, 2018

Hoping For the Best!

Well, my landlords have the building for sale that I've been in for 13 years. I know it was a hard decision for them, but they have circumstances that are priority right now. The Downieville real estate market is currently very popular and I'm a little nervous about my future. 

Welcome to Vintage Gal Antiques!
So I thought I'd take advantage of the photos of my shop on the real estate site. If you've never been to Vintage Gal, these professional photos might help you make my shop a destination when you're in Downieville!  If you mention you've seen it on my website, I'll give you some great deals on your purchases!  

China, shabby chic and glassware room
The photographer didn't take photos of my Bling Room or the Western Room, but, if you're a jewelry lover or western boot collector, Vintage Gal is your place to find a fabulous selection!  

I'm hoping to be here for a few more years, but we'll see how things play out!  Vintage Gal Antiques is open Thursday-Sunday 10am - 4pm.  Starting July 4- I'll be adding Wednesday - Sunday.  If you'd like an appointment, please give me a call!  Hope to see you soon!
When you enter the main room-lots of advertising and primitives and antique bottles