Monday, March 3, 2014

Think Spring!

Several framed Victorian die-cut calendars available for sale. This sweet girl from 1917 is my favorite.  She's got everything going for her~ribbons, cherubic face, flowers...just precious!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chico Antique Bottle Show Coming Up!

Rick and I participate in about 9 Antique Bottle Shows a year, especially during the winter when the Vintage Gal Shop is closed.  One of my favorite shows is in Chico, California.  The Show is during March and it’s S*P*R*I*N*G*T*I*M*E in Chico, vs. winter in Downieville during the month of March!!  It feels great to be there with the mild weather and buds popping out!  This year’s show is the 47th Annual Show of Antique Bottles, Jars, Insulators and Collectables!  Wow-That’s a huge accomplishment to keep a show going for 47 years!  The dates are Friday and Saturday, March 8 & 9 at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds.

I always try to bring a variety of items; there are more than just antique bottles at these shows.  Advertising, saloon memorabilia, signs, western-related artifacts and ephemera are also very popular.  I usually feature some costume jewelry bling for the ladies, too!  This year, I’m bringing some of my more unusual graniteware pieces.  Several pieces are in the extremely rare color of Chrysolite, a beautiful shade of teal green.  Also, a couple early Manning Bowman teapots, circa 1890’s.  I have a few graniteware pieces in shades of brown and white, as well. 

The Chico Show and Sale is Friday, March 8, 10am-7pm for $5 admission. On Saturday, the show is free 9am-4pm.  It’s a great show, and you never know what you’ll find!  Check it out!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

~Happy Turkey Day~

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving! The weather is beautiful in Downieville today and expected to stay the same for the weekend. The sun is shining, the trees are still gorgeous-perfect weather for a nice drive up Highway 49!  Escape the frenzy of Black Friday shopping and enjoy the peacefulness of our little town.  The Lions Club is selling Christmas Trees, and as always, there is a great selection of beautiful locally grown trees!  Vintage Gal Antiques will be open Friday and Saturday of this Thanksgiving weekend.  Hope to see you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

~So Charming!~

Today I wore my charm bracelet to the shop. I've had the bracelet since I was about 10 years old and all the charms have a special meaning to me.  But...I haven't worn the bracelet on my wrist for years...I've found a new way to wear it.  Several ladies came in to the shop today and commented on my "necklace". When I told them it was my old charm bracelet, they were excited, and said they couldn't wait to get home and do the same to their bracelets!  One lady even said she hadn't worn her bracelet in years, but for some reason, decided to wear it today!  Fate-I tell you!  What I've done is just attach my bracelet to another sterling silver chain (about 16 or 18 inches) and turned it into a necklace.  Since the charms on my bracelet were soldered on, it would be too hard to remove them,  so, voila!  I just turned the bracelet into a necklace!  A great conversation piece and not as "noisy' to wear!  Thinking outside the box! Give it a try!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

~The Language of Fans~

During the 18th century, fans were used by ladies for more than keeping cool; they were used as a form of expression. More than any other article of fashion, the fan became part of a lady's body language. Supposedly, there even existed a 'language of the fan' whereby ladies could send messages across a room without saying a word. To use this language, it was essential to know your right from your left!

To hold it in the upright hand facing the face: Follow me.
To hold it in the left hand facing the face: I desire a discussion.
To put it against the left ear: I desire that you left me quiet.
To slip it on the forehead: You changed.
To let it slip in the hand: I hate you.
To whirl in the upright hand: I like someone of other.
To cause to slip on the cheek and to bear on it the chin: I like you.
To present it closed: Do you like me?
To do it to slip in front of the eyes: I am grieved.
Touch the extremity of the finger: I desire to speak you!
To put it motionless on the upright cheek: Yes.
To put it motionless on the left cheek: No.
Open it slowly: I am married.
Open it quickly: I am engaged.
To bear on it the lips: Kiss me.
To carry it open in the left hand: Come to speak me.
To place it behind the head: Do not forget me.

Valentine's Greeting and 1903 Advertising Calendar Fans

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awesome Autumn

Country Kitchen
Fall is in the air and it is one of the prettiest times of the year here in Downieville.  Weekends are still busy, but in a less frenzied way!  Come up and view the beautiful fall foliage and enjoy a relaxed shopping experience in historic Downieville!  Vintage Gal Antiques is open Thursday through Sunday; 10am -4pm during September and October.

Unusual Victorian Vanity Mirror

Bevy of Bakelite!

Old Style Candy Counter and Store Tins & Bins

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bottles, Bottles! Getting Ready for the Downieville Bottles & Collectibles Show!

Beautiful Collection of Glass!

Just a few photos to get geared up for Downieville's Show! Hope to see you here!
Sept. 8, Saturday in the Downieville School Gym.

Fun Labels on these!

Razzle, Dazzle~Hand decorated vintage bottles!